Yellow Diamond Rings And How To Buy Them

yellow diamond ringsDo you know that yellow diamonds are the most perfect diamonds to be found? Their exotic colour, magical influence and magnificent appearance makes the wearer feels special. Yellow diamond rings are in vogue these days. They are much attractive and conspicuous for the latest generation.

In the latest fashion they are used in earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and other wearable jewellery. As yellow diamonds are very versatile so they are considered to be the best company of any dress that you wear, if you are going for a grand party and function? Compare to other colour diamond, yellow is considered to be the best. Other colours are very eye catchy and attention grabbing which sometimes become much more than the situation needs. Yellow diamond looks descent and pretty. Their dazzling look gives a delightful mood to the owner. These diamonds are most preferable if you are going for a party organised at night. It would not give its best results at the day parties.

If you are looking for buying a yellow diamond ring then you should consider the following points. The first factor is the colour that is the yellow. Yellow colour only gives a unique identity to the diamond. Yellow gives a heart bounding beauty to the diamond. Yellow is the colour of magic, purity, amazing look and passion. All these quality could easily be seen in the jewellery in which these yellow diamonds are used.

Second thing is the quality of the diamond. You should make sure that the diamond which you are buying should be according to your preference and should be equal to the payment you are making for that jewellery. As these diamonds are very expensive so they should be purchased after much survey. You can also consult an expert before buying a yellow diamond. They will give the most reliable information about the diamond. You can get you all doubts clear.

Switzerland Yellow DiamondIf you are looking for the leading wholesaler of yellow diamond, then you should look in USA. As Diamond USA is the largest wholesaler of yellow diamond. They are well known because of the purity they supply and their own cutting facilities at home only. All the diamonds supplied by Diamond USA are certified by GIA and EGI.

Yellow diamond’s popularity, exposure and availability has increased much in the recent years. It forms a nice contrast with every dress you wear.  Buying a yellow diamond will have different criteria than buying those other standard diamonds. Grading and price criteria of the both are different. Even if you have much experience in buying the diamond then also you consider before buying the yellow diamond so that you could get the best value of your money.

The yellowish coloration which is highly preferable by the new generation forms the difference between the yellow diamond and the other variations of diamond such as canary diamonds. If you want a magnificent diamond with good visibility then you should consider the yellow diamond jewellery.  The colour grade of the yellow diamond is “Z” which is considered to be one of the most expensive. Much fancy designs are available in this range of yellow diamond. This are differentiate on the light coloration basis.

There are different shades of the yellow diamond on the basis of the light.  The basic variations out of them are “fancy yellow,” “fancy light yellow,” and “fancy dark yellow”. Every light variation has its own quality. Such as fancy yellow has some different quality from the rest of the variation, it has a very low diffusion power of colour as they have a little darker shade. Fancy deep yellow are the darkest colour so they have the more saturation capacity than some of the rest variation. While fancy intense yellow is a light coloured diamond so it has low level of saturation. For the highest rate of saturation level you should consider the “fancy vivid yellow” diamond.

The availability of yellow is very rare, found only in some part of the world. So it makes them more expensive than the colourless diamonds. Not only are they much expensive than the rest of the colour diamond but they also have much variation in the different shades of yellow colour. So you have to pay attention to the colors of the different yellow shades diamond. Among all the yellow diamond ring, the fancy vivid yellow diamond is the most expensive diamond. This is because of its colour saturation and bright hue.

Mostly, the diamonds that come under the fancy category are more expensive than the yellow diamond which does not consider the under the fancy category. If you want that range of the yellow diamond that will have the best visual effect, you should choose the Z area of the diamond.  Z area diamonds are the fanciest looking diamond. This will also help you to have the good amount of your money.