Why To Buy Pave Engagement Rings

Pave engagement rings are always the best choice for the people who want to get more bling for their buck. The pave rings create a very unique kind of sheen in the ring because of which they look extremely beautiful and desirable. The concept is very simple. It is a kind of ring where the surface is entirely paved with diamonds, quite like the pathway in a beautiful garden. You will be seeing many small diamonds, often in different colors, beautifully embellishing the ring surface and making the ring more attractive than ever. Even though more diamonds are being used in this kind of a ring, you can always believe that these rings can provide you a lot of value for your money. They often come with a beautiful solitaire in the center that is slightly uplifted on an elevated platform. This makes these rings looks beautiful.

pave diamondThere are times when these pave engagement rings comes with white diamonds in the center. However, colored diamonds and other kind of gemstones can also be used in this setting. In another setting, you can chose a white center diamond and pavement in colored diamonds. Either way, the ring will look divine and there is no reason why your beau will be saying no to your proposal. One of the major advantages of buying pave engagement rings is that you get to use more gemstones without having to pay a fortune. Remember, two half carat stones always cost less than one 1 carat stone. As a result of this, you will be saving a significant amount of money. Because so many diamonds are to be paved, the manufacturing cost will be slightly higher but you will be getting a great ring at a lesser price overall.

Another great advantage of these pave diamonds is that they are very functional. As all the diamonds sit very low, there are very less chances that the pave engagement rings will entangle in your hair or any kind of fabric. Even if you lose one of the stones, replacing it would not be as costly. Finally, you will be getting many aesthetical advantages with this kind of a ring. You will ideally be getting to see a very unique kind of ring that has so many diamonds that can capture your hearts instantly. No one will ever be able to guess the price of this ring. So just go ahead and get pave engagement rings.