Wholesale Diamonds – Tips and Advice

Wholesale diamonds are a loose diamond, which are not set in a diamond ring, wedding ring, engagement ring or any other diamond jewelry. The diamonds weighing more than 0.25 carat are high quality diamonds and are certified by experts determining their quality and value. Wholesalers provide the service expected from a fine jewelry retailer and an affordable pricing for people. Wholesale diamonds also serve you good characteristics of diamonds, like color, carat, clarity and cut which contributes it to the quality and value of diamond.

Customers most often turn to sellers when looking for value and quality. These sellers advertise themselves as wholesalers. It implies that they are buying wholesale diamonds from same source a retailer would, hence eliminating the middleman. But actually, the truth is little more complicated for diamonds as in most products.

Traditional Wholesale Diamonds

Wholesale diamonds are the products, which are tax free and purchased in a large quantity for eventual sale. So the sale of single wholesale diamond directly to an end user fails on each account. Wholesale business has become hazy in recent years by use in retail businesses. To purchase a tax free direct wholesale diamond, you need to have a personal connection with the manufacturer.

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Traditional Way Of Retail

Generally the retail sales are taxable transactions which made to the end user of diamond. In addition to this, traditional retail sale also carries a higher price as compare to wholesale. Most often it accompanied by value added services, like generous return and exchange policies, product warranty and guarantee, personal and professional service and flexible payment terms etc.

Advantages Of Wholesale Diamonds

The wholesale diamonds are loose diamonds which provides the customers with the ability to choose an expensive gift for their special ones. Wholesale market has a vast variety of loose diamonds. It provides you the opportunity to choose a size, shape, setting and cut for the unique piece of jewelry that will truly makes you proud to have it in your jewelry collection.

One of the most important advantages of building a piece of wholesale diamond (custom jewelry) through internet over shopping at a local jewelry store is that it not only is the procedure much faster. You can also handle it on your own.

When anyone plans to purchase at a local store, he/she may or may not be able to select from a collection of loose wholesale diamonds to build a custom piece of jewelry. The selection will typically not be very large, if a selection of wholesale loose diamond is available. On the other hand, online jewelry retailers will make it easily possible for the customers to choose from an extensive and variety set of loose diamonds. In most of the local jewelry stores (like the malls), you can take advantage of prices that are substantially lower as compare to typically offered.

Those customers, who use wholesale loose diamond to build a custom piece of ornament, are commonly able to buy one of a kind piece of ornament. Customers do this using exceptional quality diamonds at a price which is actually less than what they have to pay for a preset piece of diamond set in their local stores of ornaments. Customers are able to pass on savings through online wholesale diamond retailers. The reason for this is that they are not bound by inventory costs and extensive overhead. There is no better option available for a customer than a wholesale loose diamond jeweler, if he/she is ready to experience the satisfaction of owning a custom piece of diamond set.

How can you save money with wholesale loose diamonds?

Generally diamond wholesalers have at least one big diamond sale every year to make space for new loose diamond stock. At that point of time wholesalers advertise that they have loose diamonds for sale at a discount rate. This is the time when customers actually need to be very quick in their approach to buy wholesale loose diamonds. Customers can save money by buying loose diamond at discount rates.

loose wholesale diamondsWhere wholesale diamonds have benefit of saving money, it also has a drawback. And the drawback is that wholesalers may not always be able to have the loose diamonds you have eye on for an extended time period.

If you are planning to buy your engagement ring by your own money and want to save money as well. Then the best option is to approach wholesale diamonds and for this keep a close watch on the advertisements of wholesalers about loose diamonds for sale at special prices. By this you will have your engagement ring as per your own choice.

If you got a larger and clearer diamond from wholesaler at discount rate with a beautiful cut, you should feel lucky about it. But if you have not succeeded in getting already designed diamond and then do not to worry. You can always adjust the design of your diamond, when you will order for your engagement ring using this diamond.

If you save money on continue basis by buying more diamonds on sale in a number of years to come, you will always add them to your wedding ring or engagement ring. By doing this you will have a totally new piece of diamond jewelry made with the wholesale diamonds.