Understanding The Diamond Exchange

The diamond exchange locations in the world are quite well established. In fact, the whole diamond trade is quite an established and centralized system that works mainly from Ramat Gan. It is a place located near Tel Aviv in Israel which is known as the largest diamond exchange in the world. There is the Diamond Tower, a place with numerous floors, where you will be finding nothing else but wholesales, traders, investors and enthusiasts who are there for business. Most of the times, loose diamonds that are roughly sorted are traded here. Later, they are sent to places like Surat in India for cutting and polishing, after which they reach the retail market. Most of them are recently mind rocks that can also be found in the diamond exchange at Antwerp in Belgium and New York.

The diamond exchangeIn the diamond exchange, the loose diamonds are sold in packets to the wholesalers. They are all classified in packets that contain diamonds of a specific shape, size, color and even clarity. Therefore, whoever visit these exchanges has to be highly qualified in diamond sorting and must have gone through extensive training in order to find the right lot to buy. As these diamonds are sold fresh from the mine, it can become difficult to check the quality. Therefore, only trained and experienced people can handle this issue. Most of the diamond exchange places use some ultra-sensitive scales that can measure the exact weight of the diamond and sort these diamonds out before they are sold out. It should be known that every 142 carats will be producing hardly an ounce of usable stone.

The distribution networks of the diamond exchange are usually quite tight and very clearly laid out. The sorters get these rough diamonds, put them into their packets and then forward all the usable stones to the diamond dealers. These dealers then opt for polishing and cutting the stones after which the jewelers and designers buy them. They are finally set in jewelry and then reach the market for the retail customers to buy. Getting into the diamond exchange is not an easy task. It takes years to experience to become a part of this tightly bond network. You will be finding that the sorters or sight holders at Tel Aviv have a better profit margin as they sort more than 65 percent of the total number of rough diamonds found the world.