Pave Diamonds And Their Sparkle

A pave diamond true to its name is a beautiful diamond. Its irreplaceable beauty sparkles glamour and subtlety. Pave diamond is a tiny, round diamond that is encrusted on gold or platinum bands and each diamond is separated from the other by a thin layer of metal which is most of the times not visible to the naked eye. This creates an illusion that the metal is covered with only diamonds.

The look of a pave diamond setting is very distinguishable; it appears that the jewelry gets rolled in gemstones. It could well be blended into other settings, for example a line of pave diamonds along with bezel set solitaire which provides a bigger size than the surrounding stones. Any stones can be set in the same style, but the way the setting has been designed will promotes light penetration beyond the stone. It is considered particularly suitable when using stones of general translucency such as rubies, diamonds and topaz just to name a few.


pave diamond its sparkleIn order to create this masterpiece, jewelers nurl a line of pits in the surface which aid in seating the gemstones, and small beads or prongs are used to pin the stones in place. The main aim of any jeweler is to minimize as far as possible the amount of metal displaying on the jewel, allowing for the brilliance of the stones to be readily visible to anyone. Usually only on a single side, the setting may resemble a triple sided or curved setting, a very highly liked choice among admirers of rings.

A Pave diamond has more sparkling quality than channel set diamond. Channel set diamonds get inserted one by one in a slot which adorns the circumference.  Like any other jewelry, attention is required regarding the cleansing and cleaning of the ring. It is possible to submerge the Pave Diamond ring in water however it is important to understand that using any kind of abrasive or scrubbing action could scratch the metal or dislodge the stones. Secondly no harsh chemicals should come in contact with the ring. Even though the stones are affordable but the beauty of the ring is lost when even a single stone goes missing.

The pave diamond rings should never be stacked on each other. Since, this results in scratches on the surface. To make it short, a pave diamond studded ring is designed in such a way that it has to be worn gently and should be handled with care.

Available in many styles, pave diamond is a popular style of diamond that is a favorite among people of varied age groups. Because of its sophisticated plus sleek look, it finds itself to be a part of many ‘special- occasion’ jewelries. One can customize the designs involving pave diamonds based on choice and budget.Typically, round,sparkling or princess cut diamonds are used as center stones in pave engagement rings, since the fire of the setting itself does not require a fancy center gem.  Most center stones are prong-set, basket-set or bezel- set.