The Sensuous Black Diamond Rings

Critics point out that black diamond rings are just a fad, and are most likely to get depreciated once the hype is over. However, this doesn’t anywhere deplete the enjoyment that males are now developing in the precious stone. Diamonds once used to be a kind of gemstone that was appreciated by women. But that is a long lost story. Earlier, the white perfect diamond used to appear too flashy for men. This proves to be a reason why, in most engagements, only the women used to wear rings. Although, today the things have become entirely different. The gap between men and women’s liking for accessories has widened. Men love accessories too and diamond is not only a women friendly gem alone, it is loved by men too. However, Black Diamond rage is more amongst them.

black diamond ring the eye of the jewelBlack diamond rings have lately won the hearts of many men given the character it exudes. In comparison with the gemstone that flashes light, quite nicely, the black gemstone actually absorbs light. The darker they are, the higher grade it gets and it is the complete opposite in case of white diamonds. White Diamond is graded higher when it reflects less amount of color.

From transparent black diamond rings to translucent types, black diamond rings are very rare. Thus, if you’re planning on impressing your husband with this gemstone, then look for rings that accentuate this quality. However, you got to be prepared to spend a hefty amount of money because these gems definitely tend to break your budget.

The most impressive and passionate diamond rings are settled in white metal, so while planning the design cross out yellow and reddish metals from your list. These stone looks fabulous when set against platinum, silver, titanium and white gold rings. In order to make it more contrasting in character, you can also try keeping the stone with the white gemstones. White and black diamonds are complementary to each other. It is likable that when they’re placed next to each other, the imperfections produced by them are over shadowed and that is because they play on contrast.

All because the stone exudes a masculine and mysterious character, it doesn’t anywhere mean that it is only meant specifically for males. You can surprise your wife, girlfriend or your fiancé with beautifulblack diamond jewelry as well, since the stone’s uniqueness and beauty is also widely appreciated by women. As a matter of fact, black diamond further got attention and gained popularity in the 90s when celebrity Carmen Electra was presented with a giant black gem.