The Magical Three Stone Engagement Rings

Nothing really works as well as three stone engagement rings. They are beautiful to look at and present a cool ‘flaunt factor’ too. When the whole wide world is running after the typical solitaire that look the same, you can gift your beau something that she never even thought about. The three stone engagement rings will make it possible. When the world is showcasing their love with just one stone, you will have three to show thrice the love, the dedication and the commitment for your special someone. These rings don’t just have plain aesthetical appeal. They are known for being highly significant as well.

The 3 stone engagement rings always come with some beautiful and timeless designs and this is the reason why they have become a rage these days. You will find these 3 stone engagement rings to be extremely endearing, striking and alluring. There are many settings and designs available in these rings. The kind and cut of the stones that can be used in these rings also differ a lot. All this can seem quite confusing. Let us take a look at the kind of rings that we liked the most so that you can make a great choice for your beau.

three stone rings for wedding engagementThe first significance of this ring is quite religious. A lot of people connect these three stone engagement rings with the Holy Trinity and suggest that the love of a couple that wears this ring will definitely last forever. It is the symbol of infinity as well. It can showcase the bond between two people in the most beautiful way possible. This is not all, you will find a very precious and cherished concept behind the making of these rings. It is suggested that the rings signify the past, present and the future of the couple. In general, the middle stone is larger than the rest of the stones. This showcases the fact that the couple must forget about the past, stop worrying about the future and simply enjoy their moments of togetherness.

So much significance and meaning, isn’t it? Did you ever believe that those beautiful three stone engagement rings carried so much meaning in their design? Maybe not. The three stone engagement rings are available in white or transparent diamonds. However, if you want something different, you can experiment with different types of diamonds as well. There is absolutely no reason why you should be sticking to a single design. Find these three stone engagement rings in pink, blue and even yellow diamonds are a striking combination of all these.

The vintage 3 stone engagement rings- these rings are the most popular in this niche. This is because vintage designs are quite timeless and have a very classy appeal too. Modern designs go really well with solitaires but only beautiful vintage designs can handle the charm of the three stone rings with ease. They are not very elaborate but are good enough to provide additional aesthetic support to your diamonds.

C3 stone ringolored diamond rings- it is not always the right choice to go for the white or transparent diamonds. Sometimes, you need something that appears more classy and vibrant. In that case, you can chose the colored diamond three stone rings. It is not always advisable to get all the three diamonds in color. You must either chose the middle diamond in an extremely light hue or the corner diamonds in a paler hue to get the best look. These rings are not very common as colored diamonds are very rare. So be on the lookout for these unique rings. You might have to pay a little more but the ring will be worth the money.
Round brilliant cut- the round brilliant is one of the most popular kind of cut in the 3 stone engagement rings. Usually, the middle diamond is larger in this case and gives the illusion of a solitaire. It can also be slightly raised with the help of an elevated platform so that it can look more like a typical solitaire and the sheen of the round brilliant diamond becomes more prominent. The rest of the diamonds can also be in the round brilliant cut but of a smaller size. 3 princess cut diamonds are also a good choice. However, here too, you can go for a larger and an elevated middle diamond to get the best looks.

Most of these rings are available with a few designs on the band which makes the look very attractive. You can even chose plain bands if you like. However, the best choice will be the vintage look. They make these three stone engagement rings look even more precious and beautiful because of which you always fall in love with them. Check out the choices available on the internet. You will definitely find something beautiful.