The Fancy Pink Diamond

Colored diamonds are quite rare. Only one in more than 10,000 diamonds will come with some degree of noticeable color in order to qualify as a colored diamond. The pink diamonds are the most adorable ones in this category. Pink is often connected with love, bonding and feminine side of the things and this is why the pink diamond is becoming one of the most sought after stones when it comes to getting the best engagement rings. There are many varieties of pink diamonds. The Argyle Diamond Mine produces most of the rich and intense pink diamonds. There are many mines in Africa, Brazil and India that produce paler and softer hued diamonds that are perfect for engagement rings.

pink diamond The shades of pink diamonds go from the lightest to the most intense. There is the bright pink, the purplish pink, the orangey pink, the brownish pink and the beautiful pink champagne. Of these, the pink champagne is known to be the most desirable. The secondary pink color of these diamonds is what makes them extremely special. If you hold these stones with the face up, you will find that they have beautiful flashes of pink that look quite bold and beautiful. The good news about these diamonds is that they are cheaper than the typical white diamonds. Not only this, they are available in variety of hues as well. You can get light champagne, dark champagne and even the fancy cognac colors here. The GIA 9-tier intensity rating will define the richness of the pink diamonds.

The rarest of the pink diamonds are those that do not come with any secondary coloring. As a result of this, they are very expensive. They have a very faint pink color that look almost like a white diamond with a light pink hue. However, vivid colors are also available. The Raspberry pink, vivid pink, reddish pink etc. are also available in the pink diamond. Ideally, the closer this diamond is to red in its hue, the better it will look. It will be rarer and more expensive as well.

You should be opting for I1-SI level of clarity in these diamonds. The flawless diamonds are available with VS and VVS level of clarity as well. However, this is quite rare and makes for a very premium price point as well. When buying a pink diamond, pay close attention to the clarity and the cut as well.