Princess Cut Engagement Rings For True Beauty

There is nothing like the beautiful princess cut diamond. When set in an engagement ring, it becomes one of the most beautiful, attractive and stunning pieces of jewelry that you would have ever seen. This is simply because of the sheer elegance that the diamond gets because of this cut. You will be surprised to know that even though the princess cut is one of the most sought after cuts in the market at the moment, it is quite affordable. The princess cut engagement rings are available at a far lower price as compared to the round brilliant cut, the asscher cut or even the radiant cut. This makes it quite a beautiful choice that easily fits into any budget. If you are new to the world of diamonds and are looking for an amazing ring for your fiancé, you can blindly trust the princess cut. The name of the cut is quite stimulating and exciting in itself and is certainly a great buy too. Learn a little more about this kind of diamonds and the princess cut engagement ring below.

princess cut engagement rings of beautyWhat is a princess cut?

Simply put, a princess cut is a square shape diamond that comes with four sharp corners. It is quite essential to choose a setting that will preserve these unique four sharp corners of the princess cut diamond. The best thing about this diamond is that it is really beautiful and come with as much brilliance as you can expect in a round brilliant cut. This cut is usually easier to make as it follows the natural shape of the stone. As a result of this, the authenticity of the stone is preserved and you striking princess cut engagement rings as well. The princess cut is not quite an old phenomenon. It was invented only during the 1960s, which makes it quite a vintage kind of ring style. However, because of the variety in designs, this cut can fit into more modern styles as well.

The princess cut engagement rings have become popular with time because it preserves the crystal weight, produced less waste, can be carved with ease and is also available at a fairly affordable price. The name princess cut was first used for the Profile cut which had 58 facets but because of the crown like appearance of this diamond, it soon became associated with a square shaped diamond that came with four sharp corners, a flat top and 58 facets. These cuts are capable of reflecting a lot of light because of which they are quite popular. In fact, most of engagement rings sold these days are princess cut engagement ring styles only.

You should be applying the 4Cs of buying diamonds in this variety as well. This means, carat, color, clarity and cut. If you are okay on the financial front and don’t mind spending a great deal on your princess cut engagement ring, you should definitely be opting for a depth percentage that ranges from 58 to 77%. The color should be G grade, the level of clarity should be VS2 and the cut should also be more precise. If you are on a budget, then too you will be able to get a great princess cut engagement ring. You should be looking for SI1 level of clarity, I grade of colors and about 56 to 84% depth percentage. Of course, you will always be able to buy princess cut diamonds for lesser price as well. However, if you go below these standards, then the quality will certainly be compromised. Even if you are on a budget, find something that will fit the specifications listed above. As there are a lot of designs and styles in the market, you will likely be able to get something great for yourself.

Solitaires or something else?

The most common question that the buyers have to face when buying princess cut engagement ring is the style of the ring. While a solitaire can be the safest possible option that you can chose, you should also be looking for the three stone style, the halo style or the paved ring styles. While a solitaire will only feature a beautiful and exquisite princess cut diamond, the three stone ring will come with three such rings. The middle ring is slightly larger than the rest two. In halo rings, the center stone comes with a border. Both paved styled rings and halo style rings come with cushion cut diamonds that are placed on either side of the center stone.

You can chose either white gold or yellow gold for these rings. White gold is generally a favorite for many buyers. If you wish to spend a little more, you can even go for platinum and even titanium rings. Those who wish to customize their rings further can opt for colored diamonds or semi-precious stone accents in the ring.