Pink Diamond Rings – Artificially Colored?

Pink diamonds are extremely rare. Most of them are mined in Western Australia in the Argyle diamond mine. However, some can be found in India, Brazil as well as Africa. The diamonds are so rare that you will have to spend a big fortune in getting them. The pink champagne diamonds are still available for a lower cost. However, if you are planning to get something that comes with a more vivid pink hue, then you will certainly have to spend more.

pink diamond rings artificial colorIt is quite a well-known fact that the pink diamonds are also being artificially created these days. Most of the diamond mines around the world give white diamonds. With the help of the modern technology, these diamonds are supplied with an artificial pink hue. They are not quite expensive and an artificial pink diamond ring will easily fit into your budget. It is not easy to create the right pink hue in these diamonds even with the most advanced technology. Therefore, the prices can be slightly high, but not as high as the natural pink diamond ring.

The artificial pink diamond ring looks as great as the natural pink diamond ring. You can experiment with different styles here as well. It is quite possible that you will have to depend on some safer styles and cuts. The artificial color technologies can bring some flaws in the diamonds and with cuts that can reveal these flaws, you will only be taking a very high risk. Go for the princess cut. It is quite beautiful to look at. Moreover, it is very popular and it will not be showcasing the flaws in the stone. Try to be on the safe side.

When buying the artificial pink diamond ring, you should be buying the vintage designs more. It is not necessary that you go for a solitaire rings. You can get beautiful solitaire rings in white diamonds that come with pink pave diamonds. In this way, the spotlight goes to the center white diamond piece and the beauty of the pink diamonds is also showcased well. In fact, you can buy three stone rings with a single pink diamond with two white diamonds or vice versa. There is no dearth of options that you can get. Some people also prefer the pear shaped pink diamond ring that comes with white diamond pavements on the border. Look for the choice of your beau before buying anything.