Pear Shaped Engagement Rings – Why To Buy Them

Every woman wants to get the biggest engagement rings when her significant other proposes to her. However, it is not always possible for every man to buy those celebrity inspired rings that cost a million dollars. They have to think about their pockets while keeping the desires of their beloved in mind. As a result of this, there is a constant friction of ideas that men feel while buying engagement rings. Some even believe that a bad engagement ring will result in a refusal to their proposal. Don’t worry. You have an option that will settle it all for you without making you pay like your favorite celebrity.

pear shaped engagement ringsThe best way to do so is to get pear shaped engagement rings. The pear shaped rings look naturally bigger than the rest. A 1 carat diamond in the princess cut will always look smaller than the 1 carat diamond that is cut in the pear shape. This shape provides a lot of volume and body to the diamond. As a result of this, the illusion of a larger ring is created. No one will be able to guess that you have a 1 carat pear shaped engagement ring to your beau. They will definitely believe that it is something that must have come at a very hefty cost. It is one of the diamond engagement ring cheats that you must know about.

In order to enhance this appearance, you can even opt for smaller pave diamonds that can enhance the look of your ring. A lot of people go for white diamond only. However, some smart people are opting for the colored pear shaped engagement rings that come with white diamond pavements. As a result of this, your ring will appear ‘richer’ than ever before. You can get some cool vintage designs in this style as well. All of these will be contributing to the great looks of the ring. Always make sure that you are getting something cool to hold on to. Your beau will love the fact that you have put in so much of time and effort in buying something adorable for her. No women will be able to say no to the beautiful pear shaped ring.

The pear shaped rings suit almost everyone. Therefore, you don’t even have to think twice about the suitability of the ring. Whether she has slender fingers, knotty fingers or small fingers, the pear shaped engagement ring will look perfect.