Men’s Diamond Rings

Those who think that buying women’s ring is difficult have never bought men’s diamond rings. These rings are devoid of fancy and are more about substance than about the show off. Men’s jewelry is already a very complicated subject and when we specifically need to focus on their rings, it is quite possible that we will end up in a complete mess. You will be finding that even though these rings are not excessively fancy, there is still a lot of variety to be found. Here are two of the facets of buying men’s rings that will certainly be helping you in buying better.

The Kind Of Ring Bands

There are many different kinds of band styles and materials that can be found in the men’s diamond rings. Let us have a look at them all.

mens gold diamond ringsGold bands- these are the most common types of bands for men’s diamond rings. They are available in both yellow and white gold in 14k and 18k varieties. They are the most popular kinds of bands to be found for men around the world. There are many gold plated bands that are available for cheap.

Titanium ring– this kind of bands are becoming more popular by the day. This is because of the excellent looks and durability that comes along with platinum bands. They are 100% hypoallergenic in nature, come with an extremely manly appearance, are tough and come with the smooth finish too. Titanium men’s diamond rings can be worn with both formal and casual wear with ease.

Tungsten Carbide rings– they are one of the most popular kinds of rings that you will find in the market these days. These rings are suitable for all and any age group. Moreover, they bio-compatible, hypoallergenic and come with a very sturdy and manly appearance as well. However, resizing these rings is next to impossible.

mens diamond ringsSilver rings– buying silver rings can be an option for many men who are bored of the conventional options and wish to choose something different. These rings are strong, sturdy and quite compatible with diamonds that come at a cheaper price as well. These are very popular amongst the bikers.

Stainless steel rings– if you looking for something that is contemporary, beautiful and quite flexible in designs while being extremely sturdy in appearance, you should definitely be choosing the stainless steel rings. Black stainless steel rings are generally more popular than other kind of rings.

The most popular finishes

Apart from the metal that is being used to create these men’s diamond rings, you should also be focusing on the finishing of these rings. The finishing of the rings will be deciding the overall look of these rings. They need to be extremely string but quite appearing at the same time. Let’s have a look at some of the popular finishes.

Polish finish– this kind of a finishing is generally the most traditional kind of finishing that you will find. Most of the wedding rings for men have this kind of high polish finishing. It can be achieved through surface buffing of the ring as a result of which, the ring always maintains a very shiny appearance.

Brushed finish– this kind of finishing is no-reflective in nature and is generally preferred by men who like to stay away from the extreme luster of the polish finish. These rings have texture in place of shine. Though there is still a very satin-like feel to this finishing, you will be finding more of texture here. It is quite ironic to find that these brushed finish men’s diamond rings are not technically texture finishes, but simply a smaller variation of the same. It can be achieved by using sandpaper and brush wires.

Satin finish– after the polish finish, it is the second most popular finishing for wedding bands. They are quite close to the high luster appeal of the polish finish but not quite there. There is no extraordinarily flashy finish here. It is very silky and smooth and feels like satin, from where it gets the name. It is not a clear mirror finish like polish finish but appears more like a foggy mirror. It is the first choice for men who do not like too much sparkle but want to buy a wedding ring that is smoother to touch. There are many non-distinguishable lines in the finishing.

Hammered finish– these men’s diamond rings come with a stronger texture. A ball pen hammer is used to achieve this kind of finishing. The aesthetical appeal is quite unconventional and even unusual because of which it instantly grabs your attention. Even though the finish is highly textured, light reflections and contrasts can be easily achieved in these rings.

Sand blast finish– it provides a lustrous but very grainy look to these rings because of which they look quite unique.

Matte finish– these men’s diamond rings often come with a Tripoli finishing compound that provides a stunning but lackluster appeal.