How To Buy The Perfect Blue Diamond Ring

perfect blue diamond ringThe blue diamond is one of the most precious, rare and expensive diamonds that you will end find. It comes with a distinctive deep blue hue that can range from sapphire blue to icy blue. As a result of this, it becomes one of the most beautiful and exquisite diamonds for you to buy. They are actually a novelty. Most of these diamonds are imported from India and some come from Australia and Africa too. However, they are so rare and precious that their prices reach a sky high at all times. There are many options available to you when it comes to styles and designs. As a result of this, you can easily get confused on what to buy and what to leave. There are many artificial blue diamonds in the market and they might be sold to you, with or without your knowledge. While buying blue diamond engagement rings, you should be keeping a few things in mind. They are listed below:

Diamond Tester- you should be using a diamond tester to check whether the diamond is real of fake. This diamond tester and an electronic device and it measures the heat conductivity of the stones. Even though the artificial stones imitate the chemical composition and the structure of the real diamonds, they are hardly able to copy their heat signature. As a result of this, you will always be finding some real and quality stones for yourself with the help of this diamond tester.

Know the properties of the diamond- you should also be aware of the properties of the diamond before you buy blue diamond engagement rings. You should be learning about the 4Cs that help in deciding the real quality of the diamonds. These 4Cs are- carat, cut, colors and clarity. You must ideally be getting an authentication certificate with a real diamonds. These certificates will suggest that the seller is actually certified and authorized by the GIA or other such organizations to sell beautiful diamonds that score well in all these areas.

Going to a reputed store- as we discussed in the last point, you should always be opting for stores that are authorized and certified to sell blue diamond engagement rings. Do not settle for anything less than this or you shall have to regret your decision later. Always make sure that you are focusing on buying from good and reputable stores that only sell genuine blue diamond engagement rings. You can even check for some good online stores and check what they have to offer to you. This might take more time than just going to the first store on the street. However, it would definitely be worth the effort. You can check for some user reviews of these jewelry stores online or find client testimonials too. If someone in your social circle has already bought from them, you can always be asking for their honest reviews of the store. Remember, you will be spending a considerable amount of money in buying the right blue diamond engagement rings. Therefore, making sure that you invest in a good store is also important for you.

Hold and blow- this is a method in which you will be able to test the authenticity of the blue diamond engagement rings. Simply hold the blue diamond engagement rings and bring them close to your mouth. Gently blow on these rings. If these rings are real, the foggy appearance because of your breath will vanish very quickly. However, if it is a fake ring, the foggy appearance will remain there for longer. Real blue diamond engagement rings never retain the foggy appearance for more than a second.

french vintage blue diamond ringThese were some steps that will definitely help you buying better blue diamond engagement rings. Though there are many other ways of testing the authenticity of these rings, you can follow the ones that are listed above. They are simpler and can easily be performed by a layman too.

Artificial or natural blue diamond rings?

Blue diamonds are very rare. It is very rare that you will find tinted diamonds, but blue diamonds are one of the rarest of the colored diamonds which makes them a special novelty for the buyers. They are quite alluring choices as well. As a result of this, they make a prized possession for a woman. If women are presented blue diamond engagement rings, they definitely love the sparkle, the grace and the exquisite style of these rings. However, as these rings are rare, they are difficult to find and very costly as well. At times, you might wish to buy synthetic blue diamond engagement rings as well. They are cheaper and have almost the same looks and vibrant hues. You can also opt for a smaller carat size to bring the prices down. No matter the origin, you must definitely be buying blue diamond engagement rings.