Diamond Exchange And International Diamond Trading

A diamond exchange is not a specific place, but any platform where you can buy and sell diamonds. Though diamond rings and other jewelry can also be accepted, the loose diamonds are sold and bought here on most of the occasion. Diamond is the most precious of all the gems and even a handful of these stones can suggest great wealth. Some people constantly trade and invest in diamonds because they make for very safe emergency funds for the users. In fact, diamond trading has been one of the most profitable options for earning money. All you need is a little knowledge about the diamonds.

The Israel diamond exchangeThe entire diamond industry functions on the basis of the diamond exchange markets. The mines do not play as important a role as do these diamond exchange options. These days, you can be getting some great options in the popular world markets and even some online markets. The most popular of the world markets is Tel Aviv in Israel. The Antwerp Exchange in Belgium and the New York exchange are the other popular places for diamond exchange in the world. The most global distribution of diamonds in the wholesale trading niche is seen online. There are a number of diamond exchange websites that will be providing you an opportunity to trade in diamonds without visiting the world markets at all.

At the diamond exchange, all diamonds are sold in wholesale in form of packets. Each packet contains only a certain specific kind of diamonds. They are all roughly sorted diamonds. Later, these diamonds are sent for polishing and cutting. These diamonds then pass through various other wholesalers. More than 92% of the world’s diamonds are cut and polished in India, specifically in Surat where this industry has remained since a long time. London, Belgium and Amsterdam are all other important places where these diamonds can be polished and cut but the price advantage and the excellent quality that is received in India is still unmatched.

Now, the diamonds become ready for retail. They can be paved in rings and other kind of jewelry and then sold to the customer. The diamond exchange is highly centralized in nature and only those wholesalers who have a wide distribution network are allowed to trade here. The largest chains of traders is already quite well established here. Still, if you want to trade here or even invest here, you can do so with the help of these traders only.