Buying Alternative Engagement Rings

If you can hear the wedding bells and are not considering Princess-cut-sparkler or platinum then you are so much in need of a ring that expresses your love and makes her feel no less than a princess. However, with an infinite number of options popping up in the market, there is no way you should settle for something not unique and 100% you.

alternate engagement ringsIf you are someone who is looking for a ring that is not as traditional as a solitaire, there are many appealing options you can try for Alternative Engagement Ring style. Combine styles to generate designs yourself the ides for your engagement ring. You can take help of the following to help yourself bend the tradition and make symbolic choices.

Choose an Alternative Shape and Style – Your alternative engagement ring’s first unique portrayal can be the shape you go for. There are other shapes than round cut or squared with sharp corners. Look for some stunning ones such as in pear shapes, oval, marquise for your alternative engagement rings. When off set with delicate bands, they look good but larger bands look fabulous with them.

Choose a setting that is contemporary- Consider something where the centre gem is outlined by a metal or with a finish that is rushed, matted, or hammered. As a popular choice brides to be have chosen Rose Gold Style Engagement Rings. In such a way the setting of gem can be horizontal rather than vertical with wider bands. By different placing you can create something grand.

Choose a centre Gem that is something not diamond- Diamond undoubtedly is an ultra beautiful gem but many other gems are equally lovely. Sapphire with its durability and ease for working along with is favorable. You can also choose the gem that is associated with your birth month. Keeping in mind your activity level and durability you can decide for the color and gem suitable for you.

Design a customized Alternative Engagement Ring – If the above points don’t appeal to your satisfaction level then you design an entirely customized ring that totally matches your expectations with the help of your creativity and that of a supporting designer if you wish to.

Designing your own Engagement Ring can turn out to be rewarding and thrilling process and the ring can turn out to be your very own definition of perfection. Get inspired from other styles but make sure you yourself decide the way your commitment for life should be represented.