5 Carat Diamond Rings – Buying Advice

A 5 carat diamond ring is the dream of every girl. Every women wants that her lover should gift her with a 5 carat diamond ring. 5 carat diamond ring is so popular because of it adorable look, expensive price and sexy appearance. In the whole diamond ring 5 carat diamond ring is the most desirable one. Imagine getting on your knee and asking for the most important thing in your life from the girl. Can you ask for her hand without giving a beautiful gift to her?  And I hope when she will see a sparkling 5 carat diamond ring in your hand, She will definitely not be able to refuse your proposal.  All the diamond are differentiated on the basis of colour, clarity and cut. Before selecting the right type of diamond you want, you should consider all the type of diamond grades. There are number of features while buying a ring such as the etiquette and tradition of the rings.

You have to at least spend from nearly 30 K to 80 K for a good looking 5 carat diamond ring. The quality of the diamond ring increases with the increase in price. Best quality type 5 carat diamond ring lies between thirty thousand to fifty thousand dollars. You should prefer that diamond ring which is certified by GIA.  A descent type of the diamond ring is mostly preferred by the latest generation. If you will buy the diamond certified by the GIA, the quality you will get be the best. It would be the best investments and of the best value.

5 carat diamond ring of catherine zeta jones

Catherine Zeta Jones’ 5 Carat Diamond Ring

There are three C’s that should be considered before buying a 5 carat diamond ring. First one is the cut. There are many types of cuts available in the market such as brilliant cut, mixed cut and so on. Brilliant cut is the most preferred diamond cut according to the latest trend. It is one of those factors which either can make you to buy the perfect match for you or a disaster. Alteration and encompass of the sparkle of the diamond will happen, if the diamond will be cut wrongly. If the cut of the diamond is done too shallow, inconsistent and much deep, it will very bad. Most commonly the diamonds are cut roundly. Other shapes of the diamonds are oval, princess, pear, marquise, heart and so on.

Colour is another main factor of the diamond ring. There are a number of colours available in the wide range of the diamond rings. Yellow, blue and white are the most preferred ones in this case. There are also some colourless diamond rings also available in the market. Pink and black diamonds are most preferred one for the engagement rings. The colour range of the diamond is available from E to Z. Bright and distinct colours are very rarely used in diamonds. You can get pamphlets from the seller where you could these colours and choose the most appropriate one.

The other important considered factor is the clarity.  It is considered that more the clarity of the diamond more is the cost. That is why people firstly consider the clarity of the diamond of the ring before buying it. Inclusion or nature’s fingerprint is the process by which we could see a diamond ring through the jeweller’s loupe. This process can help us to buy the most suitable ring according to our preference.

Another important factor to consider while buying a diamond ring is the carat. And we know that we are looking for a 5 carat diamond so no need to consider the other carat diamond ring. Buying a diamond ring is not a regular thing you do. Some of the diamond rings are such which you have to wear every day and that too for a long time such as the engagement rings. And they are very expensive too. So consider a lot before buying 5 carat diamond ring.  If you are buying a diamond for the first time, you must firstly look for an expert who had much information about the diamond ring.  He will even tell you about the seller who could give the best value of your money.

If you will go to trustable jeweller, he will satisfy you with all the factors and then ask you to buy the diamond ring.  If don’t know a trustworthy jeweller than you can him for giving you a “cert stone”. These are the stones which graded, assessed and coded by the well known repudiated independent laboratory. This stone will give you the guarantee the jewellery you are buying is the trustworthy one.

So next time before buying a 5 carat diamond ring, consider all the given above factors. I am sure you will make a right choice and make your beloved one most happy with the valuable gift!