Pave diamonds true to their name are a beautiful diamond. Its irreplaceable beauty sparkles glamour and subtlety. Pave diamond is a tiny round diamond that is encrusted on gold or platinum bands and each diamond is separated from the other by a thin layer of metal which is most of the times not visible to the naked eye. This creates an illusion that the metal is covered with only diamonds.

Available in many styles, Pave Diamond is a popular style of diamond that is a favorite among people of varied age groups. Because of its sophisticated plus sleek look, it finds itself to be a part of many ‘special- occasion’ jewelries. One can customize the designs involving pave diamonds based on choice and budget. One of the advantages of settling for a pave pave diamond engagement ringdiamond jewelry is that it is not so expensive because firstly pave diamonds are tiny and even a 14 carat gold band looks beautiful with it. However many jewelers encourage them to be used with one big stone because these small stones enhance the beauty of the bigger stone. For women with small fingers, there are finer band sizes with pave diamonds which give the most unique and gratifying look which exudes perfection. Pave diamonds bring to life your appearance and give you character and charm like no other jewellery – This is what separates you from others!

You can choose between three beautiful types of pave diamond  rings. One that has a single row of diamonds on each side of the center stone which is a well known setting, quite simplistic in structure. Because the diamonds measure the same distance wide as what the band is, the ring exhibits the appearance of diamonds around the circumference, with a bigger middle stone shining at the center. These small pave diamonds make the center stone appear bright and beautiful.

The next design embodies rows of diamonds which are attached to each of one side of a row at a particular angle – This presents a band giving the appearance of being larger in size and this exudes attraction to others. It is well known that pave diamond rings give a gorgeous quality and appearance, and a stone set in the middle really embodies the hallmark of a genuine quality item.

As option number three, you have the choice of a pave diamond setting which doesn’t have the middle stone. A finer sized diamond  channel would adorn the top curve of the ring band. This is a subtle choice for Pave Diamond rings used for engagement occasions.

Like any other jewelry attention is required regarding the cleansing and cleaning of the ring. You can soak the pave diamond ring in warm water but without scrubbing, since it might damage the metal or the stones might fall out. Secondly no harsh chemicals should come in contact with the ring. Even though the stones are affordable but the beauty of the ring is lost when even a single stone goes missing.

The pave diamond rings should never be stacked on each other. Since, this results in scratches on the surface. To make it short, a pave diamond studded ring is designed in such a way that it has to be worn gently and should be handled with care.